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What you need to know to prepare perfect application documents

how-to-prepare-documents-cvBelow you can find some useful tips on how to prepare Resume (CV).

You should know that your first contact with the employer very often will take place via your CV.

Employers want to know from your CV what your level of education is, what your job experience is and what skills you have. They need this to asses if you are the appropriate person for the job.



Useful Tips

  • Do not use any common templates from the Internet.
  • Make it short – not longer than two pages.
  • Remember that your Resume (CV) is not a confession. You do not need to write everything about yourself. Try to focus on things which can be relevant for the job.
  • Check what is the profile of the company to which you are applying. Then you will be able to adjust your document to the requirements of the company.
  • If you are writing about your work experience remember to write about your scope of responsibilities in previous jobs. You can write in bullet points what were you doing there.
    Recruiters need to have your permission to process your application documents in the recruitment process. Remember to put this permission at the end of your Resume (CV) in the footnote. Example below:

    I hereby authorise you to process my personal data included in my job application for the needs of the recruitment process (in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 29.08.1997 no 133 position 926).

  • Each Resume (CV) should be adjusted to requirements of the employer.

Remember if you find job advertisement for which you would like to apply you can always come to our Consultation Point.

Within 1-2 hours we will be able to prepare perfect application documents together which will increase your chances to get the job.

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