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How to prepare a cover letter

perfect-cover-letterBefore you start writing Motivation Letter try to ask yourself why you are a good candidate. Why employer should hire you instead of the other candidates.

If you have answers for this questions it will be much more easier for you to write successful Motivation Letter.




Below you have a short pattern of how to write a Motivation Letter.

1. Make it short, not longer than one page.

2. Start form a short introduction informing why you are writing.


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to You concerning Your job offer for the position of ?

3. Motivation Letter should contain short description of your previous work experience. Each paragraph can be written using the same pattern.

We start from information where we were worked or studied.


For the last two years I was working in ?
I have more than a year of work experience in the company X in the area of Y
During my studies on [name of school] I have learned ?

Then we describe what was the scope of our responsibilities there and what kind of knowledge / skills we get there.

Among my duties were ?
I was also responsible for ?
My experience gained in the company X proves that I am able to ?

4. Ending


I will be pleased to meet you for job interview and answer any of your questions.
Yours faithfully

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