Blog | Immigrants in Action had a great start!

turkder_logo, website created by one of members of Intercultural Incubator for Migrants Organizations, turned out to be a great success. operates for only half of year but has already 1300 members. The goal of this platform is to gather Turks from different countries. Thank to Turkish community can communicate, share their experience and […]

Workshop on Polish labour law ? join us!


Who pays contributions to ZUS? What rights do you have when you work on different types of contracts? We invite you to participate in a workshop on the Polish labour law. Working in Poland might have legal consequences. It would be worthwhile to know your rights and obligations. Don?t get fooled! Workshop will take place […]

Summer Polish Language School: Registration


Attention! Recruitment for Summer Polish Language School starts. Do you study in Poland? Or maybe you are starting your carrier? Either way knowing the language is the key to the success! Use summer vacation for learning. In just three months you can some basics in Polish that will help you in the communication! ? We […]

We invite all Syrians for consultation with the Office for Foreigners!


Meeting with representatives of the Office for Foreigners with Syrians living in Poland will take place on Thursday, June 18th, at 4 p.m., at the Foundation for Somalia (Bracka 18/63). The officials want to know better the Syrian diaspora living in Poland. Meeting is important because Poland is willing to take refugees from Syria. Meeting […]

Wax fortune-telling! [pictures]


The participants of our courses learned about the old Polish tradition connected with the Day of St. Andrew last Monday – pouring the hot wax into the water. The shades of the wax lumps, which have formed in the cold water, are watched on the wall. As it was once believed, these shapes had the power to predict the future.

What have our students seen? How do you think?


Bracka 18/63, Warsaw

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