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What you need to know to prepare perfect application documents

Below you can find some useful tips on how to prepare Resume (CV). You should know that your first contact with the employer very often will take place via your CV. Employers want to know from your CV what your level of education is, what your job experience is and what skills you have. They […]

How to prepare for a job interview?

A job interview has usually its own specific rules. While preparing for it, remember about a few simple rules. Firstly, try to learn as much as possible about your potential employer. Do that before your interview! Just before the interview, read again the job advertisement. Be punctual, at least that time!

How to prepare a cover letter

Before you start writing Motivation Letter try to ask yourself why you are a good candidate. Why employer should hire you instead of the other candidates. If you have answers for this questions it will be much more easier for you to write successful Motivation Letter.  


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