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Karkandoo and UtuCast at NGO picnic in Park Praski!


Lionel Obino, the Incubator member, invites to his events at the NGO picnic in Park Praski this Saturday! As he explains:

Sustainable development is a topic that’s dear to us and that’s why our of Karkandoo has joined the band wagon by practically educating people on the importance of Recycling products.

We organize artistic workshops both for kids and adults.

Poland is a strong country!

One of many things I observe about Poland is that it still has its own currency, not Euro, but the people are able to manage their state just as in one of the developed European countries.  

Poland – a new breath of my life

My name is Omoye Akhagba, a.k.a OMA, from Nigeria, a land filled with milk and honey, the so-called ‘Giant of Africa’, a country with over 168 million population who are the happiest people, irrespective of their current challenges.

My country: Indonesia

Indonesia is not only Bali! Bali is only one island among more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia’s Archipelago. So if you think Bali is a beautiful island, try to imagine other islands in Indonesia. Each region of the island has its own character, culture and local language. Therefore, Indonesia is very rich in cultures, music, […]

That’s how it’s done in Kenya!

In Kenya, the record-beating reality TV show is called Upstart Africa. Participants compete for money to start their own business. An idea, commitment and line for business is what counts.  


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Fundacja-Dla-SomaliiOur mission is to promote intercultural dialogue and policy of diversity, as well as exchange of cultural experiences. We believe that every human being deserves acceptation and respect.

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