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Meet the Incubator members: Yona


Yona Aloewie is an Indonesian who professionally works in a corporation as a telecommunication manager. As an Incubator member she wants – with Syaiful Bahri and Rivani Rivani – to develop an informal group, gathering in Poland to popularize the idea of Arisan.

People usually put their money in a bank. But actually why not to collect money with friends and use these finances for some better purpose? Otherwise, money just disappear while spending them on nothing important.

IOM: Networking Day

networking day

On the 29th of October the meeting ending the series of consulting seminars in five cities took place. The ‘wŁĄCZNIK – Networking Day’ project was organized as a part of the National Platform of Cooperation for Integration IOM.

In the first part of the meeting the organizes presented the basic purposes of the projects. The meeting was initiated by Elmi Abdi (Stowarzyszenie Somalijskie w Polsce) and James Omolo (Fundacja Afryka Connect). The activities of International Organization for Migration (IOM) was introduced by the representative of the organization, Janina Owczarek. Then other participants, representing other NGO-s and state institutions present in the meeting.

Meet the Incubator members: Zubair


Zubair Asghar wants to start an organization which aims to reunite the members of Pakistani diaspora in Poland. He would like to name it G-Unit or 1-Unit – to highlight the importance of representing Pakistan as a united group, visible and active in the hosting society. Pakistan itself is widely diverted – culturally and linguistically. The historical split between east and west of the country still divides people, too. But there is no actual need to keep useless divisions, when the Pakistani people are leaving their country. They should be encouraged to start a community which can be visible in the public space and represent the diaspora together.

Meet the Incubator members: Senait


Senait Cieplińska comes from Eritrea and has set up the Foundation Adulis facebook-icon in Warsaw. When she was a translator of her mother tongue – tigrinia – she decided that she wanted to support migrants in more efficient way – not only by eliminating the language barrier, but specifically to help them reducing the shock which often affect them because of the rapid change of country, environment and community.

Her aims are ambitious – she wants to reunite migrants form the Eastern Africa who are staying in Poland temporarily or permanently. She wants to support them in keeping their own identity, cultivating traditions, culture, customs and language, but also in integrating with the Polish hosting society. She is going to organize a more direct help as well, such as legal and job advice and support in dealing with the offices.

Meet the Incubator members: Omoye


Omoye Akhagba is a Nigerian working on her PhD thesis in Poland. She is going to carry out her project under the aegis of Global African Dialogue (GADO). The aim of the project is to empower migrant women. GADO is open for everybody: although it starts in Poland, step by step it is going to develop globally, especially in cooperation with their European partners.


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