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April 18: Batik workshop with Yona Aloewie


Since 2010, after Batik Indonesia is recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of intangible heritage in 2009, Indonesian mark 2 October as the National Batik Day.  What Batik is? Batik is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing applied on textiles. It is indeed an interesting method to create unique fabric for clothing as well as […]

ABC of Entrepreneurship: Olena Herasym


heck out the gallery of pictures taken at the last of the Entrepreneurship trainings. (April 2016) The photographies were taken by Olena Herasym, the participant of our training and a professional photographer. In a near future she plans to start her own business in Poland and open a photo studio.

Integration through dance: Masha Tryputsen?s workshop


We invite you to participate in the Integration through dance workshop conducted by MASZA TRYPUTSEN: a choreographer and director, dancer and pedagogue. Masza is a graduate of the Belarus University of Arts and Culture and has been working in her field for more than 10 years.  Through dance to integration In Poland she is known […]

UtuCast: Sustainable Development ? How To Do It Yourself?


Lionel Obino and UtuCast team invite you to the launch of the UtuCast initiative! Check out our first stand in Foundation for Somalia on March 27th 2016 at 17:00 to get more information about UtuCast organisation, our visions, goals and projects. Name UtuCast derives from suahili word for ?humanity?. Lionel wants to promote the idea […]

Get inspired and be empowered with the beauty of Polish felt!


Global African Dialogue, GADO is organizing a creative workshop for women on how to utilize Polish felt for different fashion accessories. This workshop will be led by Iga Eliasz-Skąpska, a professional designer in Poland, who will transfer her skills to participants at this interesting workshop.  What one can do with felt? Do you know that […]


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