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We invite you to the Summer Polish Language School!


Attention! Recruitment for Summer Polish Language School starts soon. Do you study in Poland? Or maybe you are starting your carrier? Either way knowing the language is the key to the success! Use summer vacation for learning. In just three months you can some basics in Polish that will help you in the communication! – […]

Enterprising Immigrant Woman Club: We fight for peace in Ukraine.


Vita Kazmirova and Viktoria Kondratiuk from Foundation for Somalia are co-organizing inter-cultural evening called “Youth and Peace go together”. Meeting will take place on 23rd of May in Dominican church in Lublin. Start at 7 p.m. Young people want peace. New organizations, that are willing to fight for freedom and peace in the world, are […]

Prepare your own ecological cosmetics: do it yourself!


Foundation for Somalia invite for some special aromatic workshop! On the next Thursday (21st of May) at 4 p.m. you can learn how to prepare your own ecological cosmetics! How to prepare a soap, a lotion or a cream on your own? Try it – come to our workshop! WHERE AND WHEN? Venue: Ploteczkarnia, Chmielna […]

Namaste Polsko! The book


We already have the publication summarizing the Namaste Poland! research project. Its objectives were to gain information on the life of immigrants from India in Poland and learn about their integration needs. The book was edited by the scientists conducting the project: Iwona Bąbiak and Katarzyna Gmaj. More on the project HERE  DOWNLOAD OUR BOOK […]

Turkish Day at FdS!


Why people in Poland are fascinated by the story of Suleiman? What connects Poles and Turks? Is life in Turkey is very different from life in Poland? What Turkish customs surprise foreigners? What Turks like in Poles and what annoys them? What is the common ground for Polish-Turkish relations? We invite you to a […]


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