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A legal work in 5 steps

We are going to present you step by step, how to get a work permit in Poland. After the 1st of May 2014 the regulations regarding applying for a work permit in Poland were changed. What do you need to do in order to get such a work permit?

Are you looking for a sworn translator?

There is a special search engine on the webpage of the Ministry of Justice which may help you to find a proper sworn translator. The list of translators and their contact details may be found here:

What is the labour market test?

As a general rule, when a foreigner wishes to obtain a work permit, it is his/her potential employer who should provide a document for Starosta that indicates the lack of appropriate candidates from among the unemployed and persons seeking for employment (after doing the so-called ‘labour market test’) and should offer the foreigner a salary […]

Legal work equals richer Poland!

Poland belongs to one of the fastest-growing countries in the Eastern Europe. So there is nothing weird in fact, that so many migrants move to Poland intending to work. Despite of the global crisis, when for several years the amount of workers was decreasing, there are some good news for us – with migrants we […]

Consequences of illegal work

According to the Polish law when employing migrants illegally, both employer and employee will suffer the consequences.


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