14 MAR: Stereo Photography (3D) Workshop ? an introduction ? with Syaiful Bahri | Immigrants in Action

14 MAR: Stereo Photography (3D) Workshop ? an introduction ? with Syaiful Bahri

Today, it?s easy to find a 3D theater around you and watch a 3D movie. Also, 3D TV has become a popular and affordable gadget. So, now we are able to enjoy the ?depth in an image? from Stereoscopic (3D) image. Plus, in digital photography era, it is more easy to make a 3D photo.

Why not learn how to make your own 3D photo?

If you are already involved in photography (amateur or serious hobby) and want to gain new skills connected with stereo photography, join our workshop by registering with FDS now.

It is free of charge, but please mind that we can offer a limited number of seats.

VENUE: Ul. Bracka 18/63, 00-028 Warsaw, Poland
DATE & TIME: 14 March (9:00 to 17:00) & 15 March (9:30 to 16:30)

Please note:

The workshop is more practical than theoretical, therefore bringing your own camera (any type & model) and computer is mandatory during the workshop.

The workshop will be held in English.

 Meet your trainer

Syaiful Bahri is a member of the Intercultural Incubator for Migrant Organisations. He is widely interested in technology ? he promotes and encourages people to try the 3D photography. He describes his ideas, inspirations and solutions on his website.

Gambar in Indonesian means the image or picture. You can learn much from his experiences. The posts are written in Bahasa Indonesia, but, speaking about technology, online translators deal quite well with this language, so we invite you to read about Syaiful?s amazing ideas there!



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Bracka 18/63, Warsaw

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