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ABC of Entrepreneurship: what have we learned?

The third training from the ABC of Entrepreneurship series is behind us. Slowly the group of beneficiaries are beginning to emerge to the true heroes of business.

Our hearts are won by Masoud Najafi, who along with his partner wants to establish a school of tango. Masoud Najafi immediately caught the attention of professional counselors, who led the recruitment for the project. He comes from Iran and has graduated from theater directing and pedagogy, with a specialization in teaching acting. Currently doing a PhD at the University of Wroclaw and dreaming of opening a dance school.

- We are trying to create a new aspect of tango, as a part of daily life, just like yoga ? said Masoud
  Business, Law, Accounting and Finance, Marketing

?ABC of Entrepreneurship? trainings are carried out within the framework of the project Enterprising Immigrant and co-financed by European Fund for the Integration of Third-World Countries and the state budget.

During first classes it was possible to find out whether it is possible to obtain a grant to start a business, and where to look and how to write a proper business plan. The second training related to the law on freedom of business when it comes to foreigners and answer questions whether the foreigners may apply for legalization of residence on the basis of business in Poland. The third meeting was devoted to everything that concerns taxes and social contributions borne by the entrepreneur in Poland. Our trainers advised, how to choose a settlement with tax authorities, that would be best for the company.

At a recent training which is still ahead of us participants will learn what is the first principle of good marketer-the customer is always right. How to attract and retain demanding customers? What rights does a consumer in Poland have? How to complain the products and services at no cost?

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