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Dear students, you can work without special permits!

On 1st May 2015, new regulations concerning employment of foreigners in Poland will come into effect:

  • regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on cases in which the assignment of work to a foreigner on Polish territory is allowed without the need to obtain a work permit;
  • regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on issuing work permits for foreigners (the reason for the issuance of this new regulation was the need to align it to the certain provisions of the Act on employment promotion and labour market institutions introduced by the new law on foreigners).
 Main changes:
  • extending the right to take up employment in Poland without the need to obtain a work permit to foreign students and doctoral students staying in Poland on the basis of visas issued for the purpose of studies (so far, only students and doctoral students with temporary residence permits granted in connection with studies had this right);
  • access to the Polish labour market all year round (foreign students with visas could work without a work permit only in holiday months – July, August and September);
  • exempting foreigners giving occasional lectures, speeches or presentations of a particular scientific or artistic value – regardless of the place of residence of such persons (so far this exemption related only to foreigners with permanent residence abroad) – from the requirement to obtain a work permit;
  • clarifying the rules concerning employers’ declarations of intent to hire a foreigner, so that it is indisputable that it is possible to hire foreigners on the basis of declarations and without work permits only if they are employed under employment contracts consistent with the content of registered declarations;
  • limiting the group of people registered as the unemployed or job-seekers among whom local labour offices seek job candidates to people given priority in the access to labour market and integrated with the Polish labour market.

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