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FdS experts at University of Gdańsk

At the Woman in Culture. Gender, Culture & Migration (University of Gdańsk) the experts from the Foundation for Somalia are running a special workshop on women migrants in the Polish labour market. The seminar will be held by: Club?s coordinator Anna Karbowniak, attorney at law Agata Glinka-Szczepańska, career counsellor Monika Ołów and Polish teacher Oleksandra Moisiuk/. The Club will be represented by Mariya Kuzenko and Omoye Akhagba.


There are many surprises waiting for immigrants coming to Poland. Their adventure in this country starts with renting flat problems, learning local customs and seeking for a job. Our organization is to support foreigners in these moments. We educate intercultural assistants who are helping immigrants to find a job, to deal with offices and hospitals, as well as to look for a flat. We invite you to the workshop on finding your way through Polish reality.

Everybody who is interested in getting to know how immigrants in Poland live, are invited to this meeting. Participants will have a chance to speak about vital challenges, that migrant women face, with the Enterprising Immigrant Women Club members (supported by the Foundation for Somalia). They will be speaking about their experiences in achieving best solutions.

Next part is a mini-workshop with three groups (one to choose):

  1. Is legalization difficult? What is worth knowing? Participants will have an opportunity to learn the most common mistakes, problems and traps that foreigners deal with while legalizing their stay in Poland. This information will also be valuable for entrepreneurs willing to employ foreigners.
  2. Start in your career. Here we can show you how to prepare to the process of job seeking. Our career counsellor will tell you how to speak with an employer and how to overcome the intercultural barriers which might occur in the recruitment process.
  3. Culture and language. As it is the language that creates the reality and culture, the key to understand Poland and Poles is to master Polish language. Migrant women will speak about learning Polish and understanding Polish culture.

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