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IOM: Networking Day


On the 29th of October the meeting ending the series of consulting seminars in five cities took place. The ‘wŁĄCZNIK – Networking Day’ project was organized as a part of the National Platform of Cooperation for Integration IOM.

In the first part of the meeting the organizes presented the basic purposes of the projects. The meeting was initiated by Elmi Abdi (Stowarzyszenie Somalijskie w Polsce) and James Omolo (Fundacja Afryka Connect). The activities of International Organization for Migration (IOM) was introduced by the representative of the organization, Janina Owczarek. Then other participants, representing other NGO-s and state institutions present in the meeting.

The next part of the meeting was a discussion panel, conducted by the experts who were speaking of the cooperation between sectors invloved in the work with foreigners. The panelists were Francine Umutesi (Rwanda Diaspora in Poland), Mamadou Diouf, (Afryka Inaczej), Paweł Michniewicz (Migration Policies Department in the Ministry of Interior) and Wojciech Gilewski (Stowarzyszenie Wolnego słowa). The chairwoman of the panel was the journalist, Weronika Diallo.

The last part of the meeting had a form of workshops at the so called ‘thematic tables’. In groups the foreigners, the representatives of the third sector and public institutions discussed the main problems of exchanging the information and knowledgde, ideas and experiences on working with the foreigners. The participants worked divided into three thematic groups in order to discuss the cooperation of various sectors in the fields of labour market, activisation of migrants in the public life, as well as the education and integration of migrant’s children in Poland.

At the meeting a representative of the Swiss Embassy – the Swiss Contribution – was present. The governmental institutions were represented by the Office for Foreigners, Migration Policies Department in the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. Also the representatives of other NGO-s and local authorities structures were present from the organizations and institutions such as: Global African Dialogue, Stowarzyszenie Homo Faber (Lublin), Fundacja “Nasz wybór”, Fundacja Adulis, Rosyjskie Stowarzyszenie Kulturalno-Oświatowe (Białystok), Komisja Dialogu Obywatelskiego ds różnorodności i przeciwdziałania dyskryminacji (Łódź) and others.

Altogether almost 40 people took part in the meeting, more then a half of them were foreigners. It enabled making new contacts and partnerships between the representatives of the third sector. Thanks to the presence of the foreigners all the new ideas and solutions can have been evaluated immediately.



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