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Meet the Incubator members: Elmi

elmi abdiDescending from Somalia, Elmi Abdi studied veterinary medicine at the Mogadishu University (?Gaheyr? means university in Somali). Two years did he work as a vet in Somalia.

After his emigration to Poland he started to work in the third sector: currently he is the president of the Somalian Society in Poland. The main objectives of the organization is to promote the Somalian community in Poland, Somalian culture, language and literature.

They also implement projects connected with the integration of the diaspora with the hosting society.

Supporting is crucial for migrants ? it is to help them to find their place in the new country. The beneficiaries of the Society are not only Somali people, but also every migrant who needs assistance and ask the organization for help. Most of them are African.

Elmi Abdi notices that within the Incubator he has learned a lot on writing project and grant applications and gaining finances for the Society that he leads. In future they plan to broaden the area of their activities. They want to act not only in Poland, but also abroad: thay are planning to provide the humanitarian aid for African countries, particularly Somalia.

Elmi Abdi implements youth projects, too. They are mainly exchanges of European youth – it is to let them discuss and show their experiences, problems, such as discrimination and sustainable development. Often some of these young people are members of the Somali diasporas around the Europe, but the principle is that the participants of such events should be representatives of many various nations and countries, so that they can learn how to cooperate in multi-cultural environment, learning respect and team skills.

The activities of the Society are open ? it bases on the coopeartion between various NGO-s and state institutions.

Check also the Somalian Society’s webpage:



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