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Meet the Incubator members: Omoye

OmoyeOmoye Akhagba is a Nigerian working on her PhD thesis in Poland. She is going to carry out her project under the aegis of Global African Dialogue (GADO).  The aim of the project is to empower migrant women. GADO is open for everybody: although it starts in Poland, step by step it is going to develop globally, especially in cooperation with their European partners.

The first draft of their activities involves meetings and vocational trainings for migrant women from different backgrounds ? they are not going to focus on any specific migrant group. This is to encourage these women to be independent and respond to all the challenges of the modern world self-sufficiently. They are going to use the knowledge of both Polish and migrant entrepreneurs, experts and coaches in order to motivate and develop the participants of the project.

The first crucial activity, however, is to collect the data about the needs and demands of migrants women. That is why the first thing Omoye plans is to start the first meetings in the end of this year to gain sufficient information. That will let them know what kind of trainings and meetings are actually most needed to reach the goal of empowering migrant women. Because of that reason the web page will follow the first consulting meetings, when the organization will be certain whether their workshops respond to the actual needs.

As Omoye is currently having her doctoral studies at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology in the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN), she plans as well to include the cases of the future beneficiaries of GADO in her research which will be culminated with the PhD thesis. As she emphasizes, she wants to assist migrant communities, including the African diaspora, and specifically support women from these environments – help them adjust and integrate in the new place, but keep developing and staying independent.

We will be informing you about Omoye’s further activities!

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