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Meet the Incubator members: Senait

SenaitSenait Cieplińska comes from Eritrea and has set up the Foundation Adulis facebook-icon in Warsaw. When she was a translator of her mother tongue ? tigrinia ? she decided that she wanted to support migrants in more efficient way ? not only by eliminating the language barrier, but specifically to help them reducing the shock which often affect them because of the rapid change of country, environment and community.

Her aims are ambitious ? she wants to reunite migrants form the Eastern Africa who are staying in Poland temporarily or permanently. She wants to support them in keeping their own identity, cultivating traditions, culture, customs and language, but also in integrating with the Polish hosting society. She is going to organize a more direct help as well, such as legal and job advice and support in dealing with the offices.

The main field of their activities shall therefore be organizing the community of migrants from Eastern Africa and encouraging them to integrate (which is not equal with disowning the native culture!) She plans to focus on helping children and their mothers, who descends from the region.

In a longer distance the Foundation Adulis wants to be able to provide the humanitarian aid for the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars in the region of Eastern Africa.

The projects Senait plans to implement soon will be mostly workshops. Senait has already organized cultural workshops in Warsaw kindergartens ? they aimed to make Eritrean reality closer to Polish children. She explained how Eritrean children play, how do they toys like like, she told traditional African fairy tales. She is going to organize similar meeting for students and seniors, too.

Fundacja AdulisThere will be also some open meetings to learn Eritrean culture. Soon she wants to invite Polish and migrant women ? both with children ? to let them know each other better.

We will be keep informing about Senait’s initiatives!

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