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Meet the Incubator members: Syaiful

Syaiful as Tintin! Syaiful Bahri is another Indonesian member of the Intercultural Incubator. He works on the informal meetings based on Arisan with Yona Aloewie and Rivani Rivani.

Syaiful doesn?t really agree with the aspect of Arisan which is connected with money (read more about Arisan which Yona describes at length). He does not take part in the lotteries. But he supports the enterprise because of its social aspects and the possibility of sharing knowledge and broadening the horizons.

Recently he is interested in discussing the issue of hate speech. He supports the idea of preventing it ? there more civilized ways of communication than using hate and stereotypes. He wants to focus on popularizing positive discourses which are free from discrimination.

He is involved in various activities, but you can tell that they have common origin: Star Trek TV series. He is active in many Fandoms and science fiction communities. For instance, organized a special teleconference between Polish and Indonesian Star Trek fans last year, so that the participants could have broken the cultural barrier and discuss common interests. You can read more about this event on Syaiful?s blog where he writes in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Star Trek inspired Syaiful also to promote the idea of gender equality in clothing. Showing the unisex uniforms of Star Trek characters, he convinces that people’s appearances are not important, but the minds and attitudes. We should actually wear what is comfortable and useful for us, he says, the gender determinant should not be the main reason of our choices. Star Trek shows that it can work.

He is also widely interested in technology ? he promotes and encourages to try the 3D photography. He describes his ideas, inspirations and technological solutions on his other website ? Gambar in Indonesian means the image or picture. You can learn much from his experiences. The posts are written in Bahasa Indonesia, but, speaking about technology, online translators deal quite well with this language, so we invite you to read about Syaiful?s amazing ideas there!


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