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Meet the Incubator members: Yona

Yona AloewieYona Aloewie is an Indonesian who professionally works in a corporation as a telecommunication manager. As an Incubator member she wants – with Syaiful Bahri and Rivani Rivani – to develop an informal group, gathering in Poland to popularize the idea of Arisan.

When friends gather, they usually spend time to talk about common interests and often to eat or drinks. How about to include a value added activity, such as to set aside some of the money instead of spending it on nothing important? Some money can be collected with friends and use these finances for some better purpose.

Arisan is an Indonesian word for community of gathering people who have the same common interests. What makes the whole idea special, is collecting money for a fixed period. The money would be given to one of the participants of these regular meetings who wins the lottery, organized like once a month. In one fixed period ? could be a year or less/more depends on numbers of participants ? one person can win the lottery once only, so that the others shall have a chance to be the winners. In Indonesia it works like a custom. What Yona, Syaiful and Rivani want to do is to transfer it into diasporas. Although it is a very old tradition, it is still kept mostly in the country.

The winning person(s) usually takes the whole amount of money from a lottery. In the diasporas it may be use for essential things for the member, such as school fees and so on. However, if such person does not need the money, sometimes he or she can give them to the other participant who is in emergency.

It is important that people trust each other. Arisan binds people together, make them keep in touch. Lottery is just a kind of trigger which makes people cooperate more and better.

Yona, Syaiful and Rivani believes the idea is worth spreading for more nations. Social aspect of these meetings is the most important. Participants bring food to share and having fun, they discuss, share their experiences and knowledge. More people from different cultural backgrounds equals more knowledge to learn ? it pays off!




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