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Meet the Incubator members: Zubair

ZubairZubair Asghar wants to start an organization which aims to reunite the members of Pakistani diaspora in Poland. He would like to name it G-Unit or 1-Unit ? to highlight the importance of representing Pakistan as a united group, visible and active in the hosting society. Pakistan itself is widely diverted ? culturally and linguistically. The historical split between east and west of the country still divides people, too. But there is no actual need to keep useless divisions, when the Pakistani people are leaving their country. They should be encouraged to start a community which can be visible in the public space and represent the diaspora together.

The organization will be to explain Pakistani culture to Poles as well, so that they shall not be afraid of its representatives. He would like the dominating religion of Pakistan ? which is Islam ? to be explained to the hosting society. Many divisions in Pakistan are actually motivated culturally and historically ? not by the religion that is common for almost the entire country. So he would like to prevent Polish people from looking at religious issue stereotypically. He would also like to show Pakistani people how they can speak about their country, how to do that efficiently and in a comprehensible way. What is crucial ? it is to show that Pakistan consists of many various regions and there is an urgent need to create a representation for the entire country, despite if its internal divisions.

Zubair thinks about organizing some events soon. He would like to gather there people from different backgrounds and present to them Pakistani cultures, languages, religion and ? especially ? local cuisine. Food seems to be something which binds people together, it makes them talk and share experience, encourages to discuss.

We will be keep informing you about further Zubair’s initiatives!


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