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My country: Indonesia

IndonesiaIndonesia is not only Bali! Bali is only one island among more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia’s Archipelago. So if you think Bali is a beautiful island, try to imagine other islands in Indonesia.

Each region of the island has its own character, culture and local language. Therefore, Indonesia is very rich in cultures, music, dances and foods. One of Indonesian food is ‘Rendang’. It comes from the Minangkabau region, it’s a tasty-spicy meat cuisine, and it was stated as ‘The Most Delicious Food in The World’ by CNN.

Our national language is Bahasa Indonesia, which is considered by language experts as the ‘easiest language to learn’ in the world, because it has no tenses, no singular-plural division, no genders and is written in normal-simple alphabet.

In Indonesia there is a huge variety of plants and animals. Almost all kind of plants and fruits thrive in Indonesia. And there is this big lizard named ‘Komodo’ considered as a ‘living dinosaurs’. The Komodo officially was stated as one of seven new wonders of the world. The weather in Indonesia is also friendly. There are only two kinds of seasons: hot and rainy. So Indonesian people are never worried about snow and cold. Maybe that is why Indonesian people are always happy, warm and smiling.

Having more than 270 million population, Indonesia is considered as the fourth most-populated country in the world. Almost 90% of Indonesians are Muslims, what makes Indonesia the country with largest Muslim’s population in the world. Besides Islam, there are five other official religions in Indonesia: Catholic, Protestant, Buddha, Hindu, Confucius. All of them are living in harmony. That is the reason for six national holidays in Indonesia – each for one religious feast day.

No doubt that Indonesia is rich of natural resources and cultures!

Written by: Rivani

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