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Omoye Akhagba: migrant women and cancer prevention

Omoye Akhagba, the Intercultural Incubator member and FdS volunteer, works on her doctoral thesis in the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her research focuses on the health lifestyle of migrant women in Poland and their disease prevention. In the Foundation for Somalia she organized a workshop promoting regular screening medical examination.

 Cancer Day Event held February 26, at the Foundation for Somalia, Warsaw
 Global African Dialogue (GADO) in collaboration with the Foundation for Somalia recently organized a health education seminar on cancer awareness and prevention to celebrate the world cancer day usually marked every February 4th. The theme for this year was tagged Not Beyond us.

Dorota Ołowska, an expert from the Oncological Centre in Warsaw, delivered an interesting lecture on how to prevent cervical cancer and breast cancer (among women and men). Using dummies to demonstrate how to check the breast for lumps in order to detect cancer at the early stage which is the procedure named Breast Self-Examination (BSE).

Cancer is a non-communicable disease that could be cured if detected at the early stage through self examination and screening methods.

 ?Women in Culture? conference in Gdańsk, March 6-7 2015.

Presenting her preliminary research findings on the health behaviour of migrant women toward cancer screening services in Poland, Omoye Akhagba had the opportunity to communicate these findings to other researchers at the recently held International ?Women in Culture? conference in Gdańsk.

In a discussion about their health beliefs she revealed that migrant women face different challenges in their new environment with issues of language, personal beliefs and motivation as barriers to accepting a recommended health action like cancer screening in Poland. In addition, lack of information about their rights to primary health care services also hindered their acceptance to screening in Poland.

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