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Poland – a new breath of my life

Poland-Nigeria-IncubatorMy name is Omoye Akhagba, a.k.a OMA, from Nigeria, a land filled with milk and honey, the so-called ‘Giant of Africa’, a country with over 168 million population who are the happiest people, irrespective of their current challenges.

Green-White-Green are the national colours of my beloved country.They signify Vegetation, Peace and Unity.

I am in love with Poland, a new breath of my life, where I am trying new things, meeting new people – it’s an adventure to me. I am very optimistic about my life in Poland and thereafter. It is my first experience away from home and I love all the cultural diversities. The Polish national colours, which are red and white, symbolize Love and Peace.

I am Omoye and I represent Nigeria.

Thank you

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Bracka 18/63, Warsaw

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