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That’s how it’s done in Kenya!

Business-In-KenyaIn Kenya, the record-beating reality TV show is called Upstart Africa. Participants compete for money to start their own business. An idea, commitment and line for business is what counts.


The idea of promoting entrepreneurship among young people is widespread in Africa. In Kenya it is the TV which is the best way to reach young people. In effect the project called Upstart Arfica was made. The project is in the form of a reality show. There five-person teams compete with each other. Players come from all over the country. They share a passion for business andnew technologies, as well es a desire to enrich themselves. The organizers have appointed them to only one goal – to ‘develop a plan for a profitable and socially efficient innovation’.

The game is played for 13 weeks. During this time, participants take part in the training, where they learn how to build leadership skills and improve their competence in the field of project management. They can also use the help of experts. The winner gets 50 thousand dollars to set up his/her own business.

The program gained a huge fan base. It has its own channel on YouTube. The community of young, creative people who are thinking about starting their own businesses has developed around the UpStart Africa. Kenyans are eager to use the opportunities offered by the project’s website. Every day on the forum there are several entries with the questions of where and how to register a business. We were most charmed by one of the questions asked there: how to sale ‘super-fast running shoes’. Now we just have to wait for their production on a larger scale, we may buy a few pairs. In the end, everyone wants to be like Barnard Lagat!

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