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Turkish Day at FdS!

Why people in Poland are fascinated by the story of Suleiman? What connects Poles and Turks? Is life in Turkey is very different from life in Poland? What Turkish customs surprise foreigners? What Turks like in Poles and what annoys them? What is the common ground for Polish-Turkish relations?


We invite you to a meeting about Turkish culture organized by Erten AltintaƟ. You will learn, among other things, what is the newly established organization Turkder.org, that unites Turkish community and promotes Turkish culture.

After watching an episode of very popular TV series about Turkish history, we will have a discusion about Turkey and its connections with other countries, especially Poland. There will also be something for your stomachs ? we will enjoy some traditional Turkish dishes.

During our meeting a turkologist Agnieszka Aysen Kaim will tell us about different aspects of Turkish culture and answer your questions, and Wojtek Kordyzon will tell about some historical contacts between Poland and Turkey and most interesting reports from early journeys to Turkey.

Gdzie i kiedy?

Saturday 16th May; 5 p.m.

Foundation for Somalia, Bracka 18/63, door code 63

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Bracka 18/63, Warsaw

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