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IOM: the first local seminar in Warsaw


The first of local seminars organized as part of the project ‘Nothing about us without us ? locally!‘ supported by IOM took place on the 1st of October 2014 in Warsaw, in the offices of the Foundation for Somalia. The discussion was moderated James Omolo, the president of the Foundation Afryka Connect and Elmi Abdi, the president of the Somalian Society in Poland.

The essential part of the event was the discussion in which many migrants took part. They debated lively and actively in five thematic modules: about social policies, the labour market, legal status of migrants, activities in the public life and anti-discrimination policies.
Mammadu Diouf, a Senegalese musician living in Poland, had a speech about discrimination issues and the demans of anti-discrimination policies. Most of the participants were interested in the labour market in Poland and the issues connected with the discrimination problem in the labour market.

As Janina Owczarek (IOM) comments:

My impressions are really positive, there were many migrants and everything went according to the plan. Meetings of that kind are extremely needed, as the migrants’ voice needs to be heard. It is hard to write the migrant law without the opinion of these who are actually interested. Such meetings can gather the information how do migrants see the matter, what are their need, demands and problems.

The aim of the meeting is to prepare recommendations which will be given to the governmental and NGO institutions participating in the National Platform of Cooperation for Integration. The meeting is a part of the project ‘Nothing about us without us – locally’ implemented by the Foundation for Somalia. Is is based on the local consultation seminars in the biggest cities of Poland where significant community of migrants dwell: Warsaw, Wrocław (3.10.2014), Łódź (8.10.2014), Lublin (16.10.2014) and Kraków (20.10.2014). These are the places where we are going to discuss the most essential matters connected with the living of migrants in Poland.

The series of the seminars will have its summary on the 29th of October in Warsaw.

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