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Leaders’ training: Izabela Majewska (PAH)

szkolenie-pah-paniiza On Tuesday, the 11th of September, Izabela Majewska from Polish Humanitarian Organisation (PAH) has visited the Foundation. The pleasure of introducing Izabela Majewska was given to Elmi Ebdi, who had already met her in the nineties, just after he had came to Poland.

Izabela Majewska has shared with us her experience that she had gained for over twenty years, working with migrants. During the meeting we had the opportunity to discuss on good practices in contact with migrants, particuralry these who need special care and support.

Our cultural assistants gained some practical and valuable tips. They learned how to ask for help in emergency and how to do that efficiently. It was crucial to get to know information how to effectively support migrants in their contacts with the governmental and local authorities institutions, just like schools, hospitals and offices having services for foreigners.

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