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A+L: We train for you!

MIOI We train for youThe recruitment of the leaders to the ?Actively+Legally? project is over. We have chosen six people: in September they will become cultural assistants in our Foundation. You may count on them while dealing with the offices, hospitals or at university. They will be your advisors and translators.

Our cultural assistants will be announced in a few weeks. Now we may let you know that they are representatives of Africa, Arab countries and Eastern Europe. Till the end of the summer holidays they will finish their trainings. This will make them well prepared to solve each of your problem with staying in Poland.

The assistants are currently learning our projects and expert services, which we offer as parts of our projects. They are learning the legal aspects of legalizing stay and work, too. They are getting ready to help other migrants arrange their lives in Poland and function normally ? says Ɓukasz Olszta, the leader?s supervisor.

See you!

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