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The meetings of the Enterprising Migrant Women Club have started!

kpi1In November in the Foundation for Somalia we have started the series of meetings within the scope of the Enterprising Migrant Women Club. In a cosy group, we learn about Polish labour market and administration intricacies. The purpose of our meetings is to give the migrant women chance to learn about Polish migrant law, prohibiting their social and economic exclusion.

Labour market and migrant law

By the series of the meetings we want to encourage migrant women to be aware of their lives and duties. What privileges have working mothers? How to prolong the residence in the easiest way? We look for the answers for these questions at our meetings. In the multicultural group we discuss our current problems and we seek for the support of the experts, such as lawyer and job counsellors from the Foundation for Somalia. We share new ideas and experiences.

Multicultural workshops

However, we want to get to know each other better, learn our cultures and customs. We have also the multicultural workshops where we can talk about our countries and their cultures. Soon we will learn Peruvian dances, Egyptian make-up and Eritrean coffee brewing.

English classes

We organize the English classes as well. They are held by the Nigerian-Ukrainian pair of lectors: Princess and Lillia. Together we broaden are vocabulary. We are open for free, unrestrained dialogue, we want to break our language barrier.

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