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We have the first intern!

JabirWe are glad to inform that we have already signed the first agreement on the internship (a part of the ‘VOUCHER for Your Career’ project). The lucky winner is Jabir Khanmadov who has already started his work in an IT company.

Jabir is 26 years old and comes from Azerbaijan. He was educated as an engineer. His got his Master of Sciences degree from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Jabir is going to work in the company named Transition Technologies S.A. which is a leader in the field of IT solutions in the Polish market. He will work as EDS engineer and he will be working of two projects simultaneously: drilling and energetic solutions for Jordan.

We hope that the internship will help Jabir to fulfill his professional dreams!

In five years I would like to be en engineer in some Polish company which works on the renewable energy sources. This is my goal, but I am aware that I still need to learn a lot, he adds.

Here you can learn more about the internship ‘The Internship Leading to the Career’ programme.

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