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Złote Wachlarze ? The Golden Fans Prize 2014

Złote WachlarzeIn our every day work we meet many enterprisers who employ migrants willingly from outside the European Union. This attitude is worth promoting and appreciating. The enterprisers being open for migrants can expect our recommendation in the Golden Fans Prize 2014.

Złote Wachlarze

The competition is organized by the International Organization for Migrations (IOM). Among competitors to the prize public benefit institutions and organizations, as well as the representatives of business may be found. We will be supporting the latter to appreciate their efforts!

Problems with diversity

In most international corporations there are no bigger problems with the inter-cultural diversity. At these places the descent of a future worker is not considered in the recruitment process. What actually matters are the qualifications and job experience. Although it is said to admit, local employers are not usually as open. What stops them from employing foreigners? These are usually stereotypes.

Polish enterprisers are often afraid of employing migrants because they are thought to be low-qualified and weakly educated. But the statistics deny that: according to GUS (The Central Statistics Office) one for four migrants coming to Poland has obtained higher university education. It is often that these people cannot speak Polish, however they are fluent speakers of English, French or Russian.

Another barriers are the formal requirements. The enterprisers are terrified with the formalities they have to deal with, when it comes to employing the foreigner. The regulations are in fact not very friendly, but this can be overcome. In case of any problems they can ask for help in non-governmental organizations who are usually giving their helping hand. The Foundation for Somalia is one of these NGO-s.

For more information check the competition’s website ? there you can also submit the propositions of candidates: www.złotewachlarze.pl.

The applications can be submitted from the 15th of October till the 20th of November.

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