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A legal work in 5 steps

A-legal-work-in-5-stepsWe are going to present you step by step, how to get a work permit in Poland. After the 1st of May 2014 the regulations regarding applying for a work permit in Poland were changed. What do you need to do in order to get such a work permit?

1. You have to pass a so called ‘labour market test’

Ask your future employer for help. It is his duty to get a permission from a local administration officer (called ‘starosta’) to employ a foreigner. Employer needs to prove that he did not find any proper candidate from among the people registered in the local Labour Office. He also has to offer to a foreigner a salary which will not be lower than a salary offered to a Polish candidate.

The test is not required, if you are a foreigner from the country which is co-working with Poland in the field of labour migrations (like EU countries) or if you are sent by your employer to work in Poland as a representative (EU Blue Card). Some professions are excluded from the test, too. These are for instance physicians, professional sportsmen, sport trainers, domestic help, baby-sitters and some jobs connected with building and transportation industry.

2. Complete the attachments needed

Documents which you would enclose to the application:

  • apartment renting agreement or other documents which prove your place of residence
  • document proving health insurance or insurer acknowledgement of covering costs of treatment in Poland
  • document proving regular and stable source of income, which is sufficient to cover the costs of living of an applicant and people financially depending on him/her (for example a bank statement).

3. Have your foreign diplomas or degrees officially recognized!

All the documents applied in the local Voivodship Office (Urząd Wojewódzki), which can help you to get the work permit, need to be translated by a sworn translator (apart from identity cards and journey documents). Photocopies of the documents have to be enclosed to the application. The originals should be available for inspection in the Office.

We have money for nostrifications of diplomas. Come to our Consultation Point.

4. Ask for the work permit

You need to apply in the local Voivodship Office (Urząd Wojewódzki), appropriate to your place of residence. The pattern of the application form may be found here [WNIOSEK O POBYT CZASOWY]. Your application needs to include the name of your position and employer’s contact details. In Warsaw you may apply in the Office for Foreigners (Urząd ds. Cudzoziemców) in Bankowy Square (Plac Bankowy) 3/5 (entrance ‘F’ from Al. Solidarności, 3rd floor, 22 695 69 17 and 22 695 69 18).

5. And now you need to be patient

The whole procedure takes about 30 days.

Attention! If you lose your job, if you change it or change your position, you need to inform local Voivodship Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) immediately!

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