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Legal work equals richer Poland!

Legal work equals richer PolandPoland belongs to one of the fastest-growing countries in the Eastern Europe. So there is nothing weird in fact, that so many migrants move to Poland intending to work. Despite of the global crisis, when for several years the amount of workers was decreasing, there are some good news for us – with migrants we may get new manpower!

– We should be open for all the foreigners who want to work in Poland. Statistics have no mercy. We are facing now a population decline and in the future it can get even worse! We need to be ready for economic and social effects of this demographic changes, explains Dorota Walicka, Director of Intervention and Organization Office in Polish Entrepreneurs and Employers Union.

One of the main problems is the grey market in the economy. According to the representative of the Union it is the Polish government that is responsible for this bad situation. All the regulations of migrants’ employment are too complicated and time-consuming for businessmen.

Government doesn’t make life easier. Employing a migrant in an official legal way is a hard task for entrepreneurs and this is the reason why the grey market is still growing!

– The state loses a fortune because of that. But the most harmed group are the foreigners, who often have very high qualifications, said Dorota Walicka.

Last year the National Labour Inspector revealed 221 cases, when migrants were employed illegally. The inspection was provided in 1800 companies in Poland.

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