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What is the labour market test?

What is the labour market test?As a general rule, when a foreigner wishes to obtain a work permit, it is his/her potential employer who should provide a document for Starosta that indicates the lack of appropriate candidates from among the unemployed and persons seeking for employment (after doing the so-called ‘labour market test’) and should offer the foreigner a salary which is not lower than the salary of Polish employees.

The labour market test is not required for foreigners who do not need a work permit in Poland, as well as those engaged in professions enlisted in the Act on Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions.

Performing certain professions, a foreigner needs additionally to show an evidence that he/she will be able to take up the job (so-called ‘limited’ professions which are over 300 jobs in Poland; these are for example professions related to law, medical services and architecture, but also in other sectors, such as personal security).

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